Table-Top and Club Flags and Pennants

Whether you are organising a meeting of the bosses of large corporations or a table-top hockey competition, our table-top flags will give the finishing touch and underscore the importance of the occasion.


Basic types of table-top flags and stands

  • We stitch the edges of pennants with a single-colour, bicolour or tricolour (popular in the Czech Republic) twisted string. The standard size of the pennant to be hung on a table-top stand is 120x170 mm. Club pennants are usually larger and it is only up to the customers what size they order from us.
  • Flags which are to be installed by sliding them onto a table-top stand are provided with a small tunnel at the side. Twisted string is rarely used. The stands can have one, two or three poles.

Basic stand materials

  • Depending on the finish, the stands are divided into luxury, chrome-coated ones and cost-effective white or black stands provided with a powder varnish coat.
  • You can select two types of base. As a standard, the base is metal in the same design as the rest of the stand. A wooden, lacquered base is a premium custom product.

Technologies used

  • Digital sublimation printing for full-colour or low-volume applications. This is the predominant technique because of the nature of the orders.
  • Direct screen printing is suitable for less complex designs ordered in larger volumes.