Polyethylene (plastic) bags

Plastic bags are what we started with twenty years ago in a garage using home-made technology, as often happens. Almost everything has changed since then... except plastic bags.

Igelitové tašky

Two basic types

  • A plastic bag with a reinforced handle is the basic type and also the most commonly ordered product because of the price.
  • A plastic big with a reinforced strap handle has a higher weight-carrying capacity and price tag.

Technologies used

  • Direct screen printing pays off for volumes of hundreds to thousands of pieces. For raster printing there is a limit of 40 lpi for this material and technique. The print cannot reach the very edges of the bag.

We would advise against

  • Purchasing unprinted bags from unknown sources and then asking us to do the printing. It can happen that your goods are not provided with the necessary surface coating, which will make them totally impossible to print on.
  • Ordering full-colour prints from low-quality input data; combined with the 40 lpi raster, this will result in a problem.