Some of us cannot do without these small details that make one different; and that is how it probably began. However, a nice accessory with a cool brand does not address half of the population. There are other means for that. Keys hanging from a lanyard can be seen from five metres, a mobile phone hanging round one's neck does not slip out into the water as easily as one resting in a shirt pocket... we guess you can also come up with a similar funny or not-so-funny observation. Lanyards simply help us. That is why there are so many around and why we keep producing them.


Technologies used

  • Additional thermal transfer screen printing on finished products imported from the East. This technique is not suitable for printing up to the very edge of the material.
  • Digital sublimation is the method of choice for lanyards which are fully produced domestically. The overall printing is in full colour.
  • A woven strap is a popular option but, because of the technology, only vector logos without small details have to be used.

Most common components:

  • a ring
  • hook
  • mobile phone loop
  • disconnect buckle
  • alligator clip
  • Standard strap width: 10-25 mm

We would advise against

  • raster designs for additional printing by thermal transfer screen printing.