Promotional Table Cloths and Drapes

Bringing your presentation in a shop or stall interior to perfection is no easy task. Sure, it does not revolve around details like these but they can certainly help.

reklamni ubrusy

Technologies used:

  • Direct screen printing is suitable for printing smaller designs in directly applied colours and for batches of identical products.
  • Digital sublimation works superbly for small orders of all designs, as well as for larger volumes where full-colour output of digital quality is required.

Materials used:

  • Satin or canvas polyester, provided with waterproofing where required, is a suitable surface for sublimation printing.
  • Cotton has only a marginal use in screen printing applications.

Common cloth treatment:

  • Taking-in and overedging along the entire circumference is the most common method used for finalising table cloths.
  • Bow tunnels or segments are sometimes ordered for drapes.
  • Hot knife cutting is sometimes requested, in particular in larger orders, as it is the most cost-efficient solution.

We would advise against:

  • Stitching tablecloths from several pieces of fabric. Even though we are able to align the print design on multiple pieces, stitches on the table do not really look good.