Raschel Knit Fabric, Scaffold Mesh

There is another building project in your street, this time involving the biggest house there is. But it is not so bad: they seem to have high-quality materials from a strong partner and they have got meshes for the whole huge scaffolding structure. They are installing them now and logos cover the whole big house one by one. The workers will usually be happy inside the scaffolding because the mesh protects them from the scorching sun, and there will not be so much debris falling down on you and the street; the building materials supplier has an advertising space the size of the Titanic and we – well, we will print it.

rašlové úplety, sítě na lešení

Methods used:

  • Large-format direct screen printing. We have a dedicated line for printing on raschel knit fabric. We only print direct inks as rasters do not make sense because of the thin pattern of the fabric.

We would advise against:

  • The use of Chinese and Polish fabrics. If you supply them to us, we have no problem printing on them the same way as we do on Czech products but the user on the construction site is in for some trouble. The difference in quality reflects the difference in the price paid for the goods.