Printing and Production of Stickers

The orders we receive for producing stickers have at least one thing in common: the stickers should last. What is wanted from our stickers is always to look the same a year, two, or three and nearly forever after their application to machinery, cars, fireplaces, glass surfaces, electronics, etc. They all share this requirement.

Výroba samolepek

Methods used:

  • Solvent-based digital printing for low-volume or large-format production.
  • Direct screen printing becomes a good choice in the case of higher volumes or clear or other special (metallic, mirror, aluminium, sealing, adhesive etc.) stickers. The standard resolution of the printing rasters is 85 lpi.

We would advise against:

  • Failing to bring our attention to fine contours or frames near the corners of the sticker if you are aware of them at the time of the order. Please remember that the cutting accuracy has its limits. These situations can be solved but they do carry a price tag.