Team jerseys

Printing on team jerseys

Regardless of whether you supply us with brand-name clothing items for names and numbers to be applied or you need a full delivery of a set of printed sports jerseys, the hot press is a must.

Výroba dresů, potisk dresů

Methods used:

  • Cut thermal transfer graphics for simple inscriptions on supplied ready-made clothing.
  • Digital thermal transfer print for full-colour designs other than overall ones on supplied ready-made clothing.
  • Digital sublimation is used for team or fun jerseys with overall full-colour printing for various types of sports (ice hockey, football, cycling, motocross, etc.).

We would advise against:

  • When the printing is to be done on a ready-made piece supplied by you, please bring the item unused and unwashed.

Promotional club mini-jerseys

Polyester miniature jerseys of our favourite athletes to be placed inside our cars, office or club house using a suction cap and a plastic hanger. We supply such mini-jerseys as a complete product, wrapped in a clear plastic PP bag.

Methods used:

  • Digital sublimation is suitable for small and medium volumes.
  • Direct screen printing is the method of choice for orders of thousands of pieces in terms of both the price and the speed of production.

We would advise against:

  • Production of mini-jerseys with the names and different numbers of your team.