About Us

Shortly after the fall of communism in our country, Mr. Evzen Hanak decided to pursue his own path, designing, building and operating technologies aimed at manufacturing and printing packaging materials. Despite many transformations, he has managed to stay in business until this day, working closely with some members of his closest family.

  • The company dates back to 1991, when the first semi-automatic machine for producing packages and a manual printer to print on these packages were created in a garage.
  • The 'nineties were characterised by a focus on packaging materials and their (preferably automated) printing. At the end of the decade the retail market and its needs all around us changed, and the company's development was steered towards the printing business. We look to ensure a secure position mainly through the comprehensive range of technologies used because we cover both the simplest solutions and complex, large-format screen printing ones.
  • In the first decade of the new millennium we upgraded our screen printing technologies and ventured into the field of digital printing. To start with, we selected the more challenging option – digital sublimation on PES materials, and only later did we obtain the already-conventional technology for large-format printing using solvent-based inks. In the middle of the decade we moved once again. This time, however, it was into premises of our own.
  • The current period has been marked by ongoing innovation in digital printing and a gradual move away from certain screen printing techniques.

Simple figures

Number of employees = 30.

Ratio of direct customers to advertising agencies = 1:3

Ratio of exports to domestic orders = 1:2