A cushion as a gift for groups of guests at your grand congress, a finishing touch for a particular space, a gift for your loved ones; I do not even know for what purposes we have made more cushions. There are tens of thousands of them around and we still keep printing, stitching, filling and packaging more of them.


Methods used:

  • Digital full-colour sublimation.
  • Direct screen printing for simple designs in high volumes.
  • Special thermal transfer screen printing for golden, silver and other colour effects.

Composition of the cushions:

  • Cushion surface – 100% PES imitation of satin or plush.
  • Cushion filling – high-quality hollow fibre in a non-woven fabric.

We would advise against:

  • Copyright infringement: the responsibility in this area is with the customer and not on the printer, who is not obliged to explore the ownership of the printed design.